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About Me

Swapna Sanchita

A long time ago, I read that you should write poetry while you are still young and feel things strongly. Strangely I found myself needing to write more after I turned forty.

I may not feel things as strongly as I was wont to do at twenty-two, but I feel them differently. The glasses through which I see the world today aren’t just of a different colour; they add more dimensions. ...

It is not easy to publish a book of one’s writing. It often feels akin to stripping yourself in front of an audience. Strangers reading your words is easier than having those who know you go through your oeuvre because they know your stories, your triumphs, your heartbreaks. And yet, as someone who writes because it brings pleasure, I managed to muster up the courage to let the world see, and even if a handful of people who read this can identify and understand, this endeavour would have been worth it.

Storytelling happened by chance. I wrote down silly tales for my nephews and my niece. When I realized they loved the stories I spun for them, I felt a need to share my stories with other children.

I have started on this journey, just for fun, without giving it serious thought. I have a feeling this is going to be the best part of my life.

What I should have told you in the beginning is that after graduating in Civil Engineering, I pursued a management degree from IIM. I am a businesswoman and educator. I live in Ranchi, India, with my two sons, one husband, and a dog named Rocco.

Another Covid Diary

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A Part Of Covid Diary Writing Challenge
By Swapna Sanchita

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